State file not getting updated, Upgrading Terraform v0.14.11 to v1.0.11


I am trying to upgrade Terraform 0.14.11 to Terraform v1.0.11

Terraform Plan shows clean in both the versions.

the state file shows the version “terraform_version”: “0.14.11”

when i run refresh/apply on Terraform v1.0.11. the state file doesn’t get updated. through apply successful, the version in the state file still shows as 0.14.11.

can someone please suggest on this, how will the version in the state file gets updated to v1.0.11 ?


Hi @srikanth.pandarangi,

The Terraform version recorded within the state is only a record of which version last wrote any changes for internal use. If there were no changes to make, then the last version recorded will not be changed. If you have run apply with the latest version of Terraform, then for all intents and purposes the state has been fully upgraded.