Terraform Error while running Azure DevOps Pipeline

Running into this error in TF while running a terraform plan in Azure DevOps Release pipeline (only for one environment → each of our releases is tied to one specific tfvar (1tvar per environment)). Usually Terraform give a better error message when failing, but not this time.
Can anyone provide any guidance as to what this error could be?

Pipeline Error:

Error: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = transport is closing

Update: Error got fixed on its own. But it occurred for 2 straight days. So, I will leave it open to suggestions in case anyone has any clues as to what may be causing this.

I am getting the same error. Started today and is effecting all release pipelines. Did you end up finding a solution for this issue? Thanks

Error was caused by our eventgrid module in Azure (found by using the log feature and found a panic error there). The fix was upgrading to the latest azurerm version.