Terraform init : backend re initialization is failing for azure

i am using terraform + terragrunt to deploy the infra.

here is the directory structure i have .


i am using remote backend to store the state files . here is the configuration.

remote_state {
    backend = "azurerm"
    config = {
        key = "${path_relative_to_include()}/terraform.tfstate"
        resource_group_name = "ABC-QA-RG"
        storage_account_name = "strgacct"
        container_name = "tfstate"
        subscription_id = "sadsadsads45435c59"

inputs = {
  location = "East US"
  subs_id  = "fsdfdsfdsfdsf-sdfdsfdsf-6-4250b797bc59"
  tenant_id = "sdfdsfdsf67657657-546546"

the issue is , i have just moved the development environment to some other machine and copy/paste the above folder structure as it is .
now, in the parent folder , when i run the command terragrunt plan-all it fails , saying that , you need to initialize the terraform.
as per doc : https://www.terraform.io/docs/backends/config.html , it says, just run the command terraform init and everything will be initialized.

As per my understanding , i expect terraform / terragrunt to get the state of infra from the remote backend and start the execution without error . is that correct ?

please suggest / help what needs to be done to resolve the error .