Terraform init : backend re initialization is failing

i am using terraform + terragrunt to deploy the infra.

here is the directory structure i have .


i am using remote backend to store the state files . here is the configuration.

remote_state {
    backend = "azurerm"
    config = {
        key = "${path_relative_to_include()}/terraform.tfstate"
        resource_group_name = "ABC-QA-RG"
        storage_account_name = "strgacct"
        container_name = "tfstate"
        subscription_id = "sadsadsads45435c59"

inputs = {
  location = "East US"
  subs_id  = "fsdfdsfdsfdsf-sdfdsfdsf-6-4250b797bc59"
  tenant_id = "sdfdsfdsf67657657-546546"

the issue is , i have just moved the development environment to some other machine and copy/paste the above folder structure as it is .
now, in the parent folder , when i run the command terragrunt plan-all it fails , saying that , you need to initialize the terraform.
as per doc : Backend Configuration - Configuration Language | Terraform | HashiCorp Developer , it says, just run the command terraform init and everything will be initialized.

As per my understanding , i expect terraform / terragrunt to get the state of infra from the remote backend and start the execution without error . is that correct ?

please suggest / help what needs to be done to resolve the error .

You do need to run terraform init again - it is idempotent, you can run it before every run even if you don’t need to without a problem.

When you run terraform init, Terraform checks for all the providers required by your configuration and downloads them as needed, and configures your backend so it knows where to find your remote state.

When you move your Terraform configuration files to a new location, unless you copy the whole .terraform directory (which we don’t recommend - it’s safe and best to run init!) you will need to run init again.

Lets say , i am using remote backend to store the state files. (e.g. AZure blob store)

in following two scenarios , we need to still run the terraform init ?

1: if copy the .terraform folder , to new location
2: if dont copy the .terraform folder to new location

please suggest