Terraform module registry

i have to upload artifacts in terraform module registry using Gitlab ci/cd
I am referring to this doc:- Terraform Module Registry | GitLab
first I used that recommended way but in that case, my pipeline is successful but artifacts are not uploaded in terraform module registry

second i used the manual method in that case my pipeline completed on deploy stage but it should pick publish stage as well
so i guy’s i need your help here!

Hi @anugtm91,

The documentation you’ve linked to is specific to GitLab’s implementation of the Terraform Module Registry Protocol, and so I think the publication method you are using from there is specific to GitLab.

I’m happy to leave this topic open in case someone else in the forum is familiar with GitLab’s Terraform module registry implementation, but I would suggest also trying to ask this question in a GitLab-specific place where you can hopefully find more people who are familiar with this GitLab feature.

yes I have to do with GitLab ci/cd only