Terraform not creating Host group on Dynatrace

I am calling azure vm extension for installing dynatrace oneagent from tf. It is installing one agent but cannot configure host group.
But If I create from azure portal it is creating host group but not from terraform. Is it not possible from terraform or something is missing. Below is my code which works and provision extension but does not create hostgroup.

resource "azurerm_virtual_machine_extension" "oneagentextension" {
  name                 = "bkctest-agent"
  virtual_machine_id   = "/subscriptions/xxx-xxx-xxx/resourceGroups/abkc/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/testvm1"
  publisher            = "dynatrace.ruxit"
  type                 = "oneAgentWindows"
  type_handler_version = "2.3"
  settings = <<SETTINGS
        "tenantId": "xxxx",
        "token": "xxxxx",
        "enableLogAnalytics": "yes",
        "installerArguments": "--set-host-group=myhostgroup --set-network-zone=Default"

I have taken reference from here: