Terraform output not being shown

I am declaring the following output in a TF module in the output.tf file:

output "jenkins_username" {
  value       = "${local.jenkins_username}"
  description = "Jenkins admin username"
  #sensitive   = true

output "jenkins_password" {
  value       = "${local.jenkins_password}"
  description = "Jenkins admin password"
  #sensitive   = true

The corresponding locals have been declared in main.tf as follows:

locals {
  jenkins_username = "${var.jenkins_username == "" ? random_string.j_username.result : var.jenkins_username}"
  jenkins_password = "${var.jenkins_password == "" ? random_string.j_password.result : var.jenkins_password}"

However, after the apply has finished, I see no relevant output, and what is more, it is not displayed even when I call the explicit output command:

$ terraform output jenkins_password

The output variable requested could not be found in the state
file. If you recently added this to your configuration, be
sure to run `terraform apply`, since the state won't be updated
with new output variables until that command is run.

Using Terraform 0.11.14