Terraform Provider Docker v.2.6 and latest 2.7

Hi there,
I am new here and not sure if this is the right place. I have been working in project for deploying docker services to Docker Swarm API via TLS. There are a lot of features in docker service documentation, however the documentation doesn’t cover some resources or haven’t been upgraded.

  • Labels section in incomplete
  • Labels service no mention about that
  • secrets extras as file_uid, file gid and mode. version 2.6 not supported but yes in latest 2.7
  • Some resources are definen as list and now is list objects
  • etc…

Working in our project allow me to see this problems and I would like to help in troubleshooting and debugging because the only solution is deep to the source code in github in terraform-provider-docker written in go language .

Could someone tell me if this is the right place or maybe I should go to github or another place.