Terraform provider migration

Hi everyone!
How to migrate from Terraform provider version 0.5.27 to the latest version(1.1.0)?
Migrating directly to the latest version is not possible. So need to know the plan/steps to migrate. Please share the steps if anyone has achieved this. Thanks in advance.

What Terraform provider are you wanting to update?

@stuart-c rafay provider
Below is the provider.tf code:
terraform {
required_providers {
rafay = {
source = “RafaySystems/rafay”
version = “0.5.27”

I know nothing particular about that third party provider, but looking at the GitHub repo (GitHub - RafaySystems/terraform-provider-rafay: Rafay terraform provider) doesn’t give much information. There only seem to have been a few releases since the version you are currently using, but no real information for those seems to be given.

You’ll need to go through the current documentation and try things to figure out what if anything might have changed that would need the Terraform code to be updated.

Maybe try raising an issue in their GitHub with any questions you might have?