Terraform upgrade from 0.13 to latest


We are using terraform 0.13 in our organization. We are using Newrelic providers in the codebase. Because of some issues, we are thinking to upgrade our codebase to a stable latest release.


  1. Which is the latest stable release to upgrade to?
  2. What are the steps to follow pre-upgrade?
  3. What are the issues to take care of specifically when upgrading from 0.13.0?



This is the problem with waiting for so long. I doubt there is much you can do other than copy your plans into a new folder, install the latest versions of the providers and try to plan to see what if anything breaks.

Again, the longer you wait the less this information is available. Unless you have an enterprise license and can go through support I doubt anyone is going to go through the same upgrade process.

You don’t need to be on the bleeding edge of versions but you should try to stay within 2-3 releases of the release cycle.

Hi Aram,

Thanks for the reply. Will it be better if we upgrade to higher versions one after another to prevent unwanted errors?


Normally there are step upgrades that you have to go through, but I doubt you’ll need to do that with Terraform. Just jump to the version you want to use.

Ok, that’s fine but while we were upgrading to terraform 0.13 from 0.12 it did ask us to run terraform0.13 upgrade command.

Similarly, terraform 0.14 is a major release I assume.

As of today, I’d even upgrade to v1.0.11. We don’t have yet deployed anything in production with v1.1.x.
As your codebase is already on v0.13.x, I wouldn’t expect too many issues but you have to read through the changelog / upgrade guides.
Overall you could apply v0.13.latest (actually opt) → 0.14.latest → 1.0.latest.
Just check the guides.

Thanks @tbugfinder
This seems to be a better plan.