Upgrade from terraform version 0.11.14

Hi Team,

We have been using terraform version 0.11.14 from a long time, but we want to upgrade our version.
Could you guide what version we should upgrade to ?

If we have to go to the latest stable release, can we do that from 0.11.14. If yes, what would be the process involved.


Hi @surajthakur,

The upgrade guides can be found here: Upgrade Guides - Terraform by HashiCorp

You will need to follow each of these in order to upgrade to the latest release. The first few may require some work, but they get much easier as you progress.

Thanks @jbardin for the reply.

I read that before. What I understand is, we need to upgrade one major release one at a time.
So if I am currently at 0.11.14, i need to first upgrade to 0.12, right ? and then follow the upgrade guide for the other versions.
Upgrading to 0.12 requires language changes, does other version also have any such breaking changes?


Hi @surajthakur,

The upgrade guides give a fuller description of what changes each version requires, but I can summarize that a bit by saying that v0.11 to v0.12 is typically the most complicated because it represents significant changes to the Terraform language. The changes required after that are relatively minor, although you may need to make some small configuration changes depending on which providers you use and what other Terraform language features you’re using.

v0.11 to v0.12 and v0.12 to v0.13 are the ones that most commonly require configuration changes for existing configurations, and so both of them include a tool to automate the most common situations and advise about less common situations. Those tools are discussed more in the upgrade guides; I’d suggest using those tools as described to get most of the updates done, and then for most folks there will be no additional changes or few additional changes required.

As you work through these major releases, be sure to use the latest minor release for each one because in some cases the later minor releases included improvements to the automatic upgrade tools which allow them to handle more situations.

Thanks @apparentlymart for the information. I have submitted the plan for upgrade to my team and will soon start the testing.