Terraform verion upgrade from v0.13.2 to 0.14.0

Hello All,

I m performing a terraform version upgrade form my current version which is on 0.13.02 to a new version 0.14. I have seen the existing terraform documentation that say there is no terraform 0.13upgrade command for terraform version 0.14. Please let me know what should be the ideal way of approaching that

There are multiple repositories that are using the older version 0.13.2 as well as the global modules that we have in our organization.

Hi @sakshee.singh1206,

You can find information about this upgrade in Upgrading to Terraform v0.14.

If you are already using Terraform v0.13.2 then you don’t need the terraform 0.13upgrade command; that command was for upgrading from Terraform v0.12 to Terraform v0.13, which doesn’t apply to your situation.

The changes in Terraform v0.14 only affect some less-common uses of Terraform, so depending on how you’ve been using Terraform v0.13 you may not need to take any special steps when upgrading to Terraform v0.14.

The main things to note are:

  • If you’ve only recently upgraded from Terraform v0.12, make sure that you’ve completed the v0.13 upgrade and run terraform apply at least once on all of your configurations before upgrading to Terraform v0.14.
  • If you are using any special provider plugins that you install from a location other than a provider registry, you may need to consider the information about that situation in the upgrade guide.
  • The first time you run terraform init with Terraform v0.14 it will generate a dependency lock file. You should review that lock file to make sure that Terraform chose suitable provider versions and then, if so, add that file to your version control repository.

The good news is that once you’ve successfully upgraded to v0.14 that’s the last intermediate step before you can begin using the v1.x series, and so you will hopefully be able to upgrade directly from there to the very latest version of Terraform. (There are still some upgrade considerations for later releases, but they should affect only a small number of Terraform users.)