Can we upgrade Terraform from v0.13.4 to v1.0?


Is there any Upgrade path for terraform binary to upgrade from v13.4 to v1.0?. Can someone comment on this whether we be able to upgrade or not, if it is possible, what are the implications of upgrading from v13.4 to directly v1.0?.

Currently, we are using

Terraform verison : terraform0.13.4

Aws provider version: 3.38.0

we are looking for an easy way to upgrade from v13.4 to v1.0


@apparentlymart , @alisdair can you or someone from your team comment on this query

Hi @babuamudala,

You can see all of the supported upgrade paths in the Terraform v1.0 Upgrade Guide. The relevant entry for Terraform v0.13 calls for you to upgrade to v0.14 first and then upgrade from there to v1.0 once you’ve seen your configuration working on v0.14.

@apparentlymart Thank you for your response. we are aware of above upgrading path for terraform i.e v0.13->v014->v1.0.

Thought to check with you guys whether we can directly jump from v0.13 → v1.0. seems we can’t based on your reply.


That isn’t an upgrade path we’ve tested, but you could try it to see if you wish. I’d still recommend referring to the upgrade guides for all of the intermediate versions in case there is content relevant to your configuration which might help you with the upgrade.

@apparentlymart Thanks for your response. we will give a try and test above upgrade path to see how it goes.