Upgrading terraform configuration from 0.12.30 to 1.0(latest)

Hello Team,

We are planning to upgrade our terraform configuration from version 0.12.30 to the latest version 1.0. few questions that are in my mind that i want to confirm.

  1. Can we directly upgrade from 0.12.30 to 1.0 or do we need to go to 0.13 first?
  2. What is recommended approach for terraform configuration upgrade?

Please suggest to me the best practice for an upgrade.


Hi, yes, you have to upgrade first to 0.13.X, because there have been some changes in the format of the backend. Then the recommended path is to also upgrade to 0.14.X, and Hashicorp says that it could be possible to upgrade to 1.0.X.

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In addition to what @scuellar said, you can find the full details on the upgrade path from various historical Terraform versions to Terraform v1.0 in the Terraform v1.0 upgrade guide:

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