Terraform Provider Not Updating

Yesterday, our terraform module Terraform Registry stopped updating around 12pm CST. We usually push changes several times a week and for about 6 months had not had any issues.

Upon following the FAQ we did the following:

  • updated the GPG key
  • updated all github actions to ensure they were the latest version from scaffolding
  • deleted the webhooks + ran resync
  • attempted to recreate the terraform provider

None of these are working for us, and since this is our primary interface for customers to configure our product, this is preventing a critical bug fix from being released. Is there anyone on the Hashicorp Community Team who could help us either resync, recreate or otherwise fix the update problem we are having?


Same here. Updated my provider, but it does not update in registry. Manual resync did not work either.

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Same here. Update happened today and everything looks good from the provider side, but registry refuses to update. Opened a ticket - HashiCorp Ticket #141933


Same here. Github push successful, but not visible on the Terraform Registry. Not working after recreating the terraform provider. HashiCorp Ticket #141914

Had same issue but looks to be resolved now

At least for our provider it seems to be resolved by now. However no official response via the ticket.

Same here. Module sync doesn’t help.

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