Terraform registry isn't registering latest release

Hi. Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this - I’m not sure where else to turn for support.

I released the latest (minor) version of my provider in March, but Terraform Registry never registered the release. I attempted to “resync” multiple times but to no avail.

I emailed terraform-registry@hashicorp.com on March 13th, but never got a response.

I’ve tried deleting the tag and creating a new release today from scratch, but still nothing appears to work.

Does anyone know how to try and debug this any further?

Here’s the release: Releases · aaronstillwell/terraform-provider-dokku · GitHub
And the registry page: Terraform Registry


Hi @aaronstillwell :wave: Thank you for raising this and sorry you ran into trouble here.

If you are logged into the Terraform Registry and browsing your provider, do you happen to see these error messages at the top of the page?

Could not parse documentation files from source (0.4.1)

Please see Publishing Terraform Providers to the Terraform Registry for publishing requirements and common problems, or email terraform-registry@hashicorp.com to report issues.

While that page discusses some general pieces of the publishing process, the next link down in the documentation sidebar Documenting Providers does go into the specifics of provider documentation requirements. Adding a docs/index.md file with some contents such as:

page_title: "Dokku Provider"
description: |-
The Dokku provider provides resources to interact with Dokku.

# Dokku Provider

The Dokku provider provides resources to interact with Dokku.


May help it get unstuck.

Thanks for the reply @bflad !

I do not see the errors you’ve mentioned in the UI.

Only 3 files changed since v0.4.0 Comparing v0.4.0...v0.4.1 · aaronstillwell/terraform-provider-dokku · GitHub - nothing docs related - do you know why this would be a problem all of a sudden?

Updating this post for posterity - I did eventually add the empty doc file, but this made no difference.

Hi again, @aaronstillwell. I reached out internally to the Registry team and they found that the repository has both the v0.4.1 tag and a v0.4.1 branch, which is confusing the ingress process. Does it work if you remove the branch or create a new tag?

Hey @bflad! Thanks for the reply. I ended up raising the following issue, whereby we came to the same conclusion: Provider no longer publishes to registry · Issue #980 · hashicorp/terraform-plugin-sdk · GitHub

Using a different branch name did indeed unblock me.