Terraform registry has a lot of broken links

Terraform registry is great place, but it is really trashed by multiple useless things. For example a lot of links is simply broken as example:

github repo under this provider doesnt exist anymore but registry is presenting this. Similar case is for modules.

Also huge amount of modules is unmaintained and become broken.

Does there are any plans too improve quality of registry?

In my mind I have following idea:

  • daily/weekly check of broken links to modules/providers, if this will fail then just remove automatically it from registry << it should be quite easy win
  • force examples requirement and put some automation to verify does module is still working with supported terraform versions << can be challenge
  • require some manual annual revalidation from owner of modules/providers if there was no new commits to repository in last year
  • add some scoring for modules/providers basing on updates/stars/other criteria to modules/providers to “promote” this which seems be healthy driven

those are some ideas to make registry much more cleaner and usable as it becoming really hard to search good quality modules/providers from overall