Terraform vsphere provider and Terraform 0.14.x?


I just want to confirm that the vsphere provider requires Terraform 0.12.x. I tried moving to 13 and 14 and had weird issues.


  • Terraform 0.12.x
    • Note that version 0.11.x currently works, but is deprecated
  • vSphere 6.5
    • Currently, this provider is not tested for vSphere 7, but plans are underway to add support.
  • Go 1.14.x (to build the provider plugin)



could you share few weird issues and maybe open an issue on Github?

I could have done it wrong, but I checked and re-checked. I kept getting a user and password prompt even though I never touched that area and it worked once I reverted back and again, never touched it.
I’ll run through it again to see.

We’ve used it with 0.13 and 0.14 with no issues so far.