Test environment setup

I would like to experiment with consul and nomad for deploying an application. I am looking for a quick way to setup a test environment (ideally, on-premise using vmware workstation) or on any cloud provider. The idea is to go beyond running everything on a laptop to mimic the production environment so I can experiment better.

The end goal is quite simple given what I have read on these tools. I have a hardware WAF, two nginx nodes. I need to manage deployment (and networking, etc.) of a django application behind the nginx nodes.

I know already that Consul can provide dynamic configuration to nginx, but I am looking for a script to help bootstrap a minimal “production” environment (3 nodes for consul, etc.) so I can experiment with various scenarios.

I tried to search for a tf script for this, but can’t find one - can the new cloud service help with this?

Is vagrant ok, too?

HashiQube is vagrant based, too, but is now also available as terraform module:

Besides the official demo cluster setups in the github repositories of HashiCorp, these two are my favorites. :blush:

Nearly forgot to mention

Check out the blueprints. You’ll find everything in them.