TFE Release v202204-1 (609 Required)

TFE Release v202204-1 (609 Required)



The Terraform Enterprise May 2022 release will change the names of application containers from ptfe_* to tfe-* for product consistency. For example, ptfe_nginx will be changed to tfe-nginx . If you have downstream configuration (monitoring, log forwarding etc.) that references the older naming scheme, you will need to update container references to the new names.


  1. The demo operational mode has been removed. If you are currently running demo mode, we strongly suggest that you upgrade to Terraform Enterprise v202204-1. To do this, you must migrate your application data.


  1. Added a log storage memory limit to log forwarding. When the 128MB limit is reached, logs will be stored in a buffer on the filesystem until they can be forwarded.
  2. Changed cost estimation so that it uses the HTTP proxy settings configured within Terraform Enterprise.
  3. Added the ability to specify an ‘SSO team ID’ for teams that Terraform Enterprise can use to map teams to non-human readable ‘MemberOf’ values in SAML assertions.
  4. Updated display of download count metrics for modules in the private registry
  5. Added an API endpoint to fetch a workspace’s current state version outputs. Refer to State Version Outputs - API Docs - Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise | Terraform by HashiCorp for details
  6. Updated the default json-file log rotation settings for all containers in order to improve the performance of support bundle generation.
    Previous Settings New Settings
    max-size: 10m and max-file: 3 max-size: 8m and max-file: 4
    max-size: 10m and max-file: 10 max-size: 32m and max-file: 4
    max-size: 100m and max-file: 10 max-size: 64m and max-file: 8
    max-size: 100m and max-file: 200 max-size: 50m and max-file: 20


  1. The iact_subnet_list setting now allows you to use , to separate IPv4 addresses.
  2. Fixed situation where occasionally you could not create a workspace after a workspace with the same name was deleted.
  3. Fixed an issue causing configuration version tarballs downloaded through the API to have a non-human-readable filename and no file extension.
  4. Fixed several issues with Terraform Cloud agent pools.


  1. Added no-cache and no-store headers for some API responses that may contain sensitive data (2FA configuration, SSO configuration, and state versions).
  2. Removed credentials from health-check endpoint for an internal service.
  3. Adopted container updates to address reported vulnerabilities in underlying packages / dependencies.