Tfe_workspace_ids not getting ids

I am trying to use the tfe_workspace_ids to get a workspace id in my org but it is not returning anything. The data source I am using is the one below:

I have tried to use the “*” wildcard to select all, but it only selects the current working workspace. Any ideas?

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I’m also hitting the same issue. HashiCorp, can you please provide resolution here? It seems this resource does not function as documented.

Can anyone please provide solution for the same .Even I am encountering same issue.

Hey! So I haven’t found a solution for this but the version of Terraform that my workspace is using is [1.1.9]. I figured my issue was that I was using an outdated version of Terraform.

Can’t upgrade cause there are dependencies that we haven’t gotten around to upgrading.

Not sure if this issue is still occurring in newer versions but I would try upgrading your terraform version if possible.

It works just fine for me… people it is not working for, detail exactly what environment you are running Terraform from, and especially, exactly how you got the authentication token used to authenticate to TFC/TFE.