The problem connecting via ssh

Hi. My terraform code:

variable "servers_ssh_ru_zone" {
  type = map(object({
    name        = string
    description = string
    address     = string
    port        = string
    target_type = string
  default = {
    schrodinger_1 = {
      name        = "sch..."
      description = "db-api-..."
      address     = "94...."
      port        = "22"
      target_type = "tcp"
resource "boundary_target" "servers_ssh_ru_zone" {
  for_each = var.servers_ssh_ru_zone

  name                     =
  description              = each.value.description
  type                     = each.value.target_type
  default_port             = each.value.port
  session_connection_limit = -1
  scope_id                 =
  egress_worker_filter     = "\"ru\" in \"/tags/region\""
  address                  = each.value.address

My ssh config

Host *
    ForwardAgent yes

Host ttcp_*
  ProxyCommand boundary connect -target-id %n -exec nc -- {{boundary.ip}} {{boundary.port}}
  User s.mikhaltsov
  IdentityFile /home/metanovii/.ssh/id_rsa
❯ ssh ttcp_w8GIZqve5c
kex_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
Connection closed by UNKNOWN port 65535
❯ boundary connect ssh -target-id ttcp_w8GIZqve5c
ssh: connect to host port 44955: Connection refused

from the side of boundary workers, there is nothing interesting in the logs. I don’t see any ssh connection attempts in the logs on the target server

What I doing wrong?

After downgrade client to version 0.14.3 connection was established and I was able to log in via ssh


❯ boundary connect -target-id=ttcp_EuN7nVm9Jy

Proxy listening information:
  Connection Limit:    0
  Expiration:          Fri, 09 Feb 2024 02:36:05 MSK
  Port:                34751
  Protocol:            tcp
  Session ID:          s_UM1qEcD533

Connection limit 0? Why? With client 0.14.3 i has limit -1


There is a bug in the 0.15.0 release where connection limited sessions will terminate after one less connection than they should. I think this is what you’re hitting; this bug will be resolved in 0.15.1, which I believe will be released within the next week or so.

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