The search for HashiConf speakers has begun!

HashiCorp is looking for speakers for the upcoming HashiConf EU in Amsterdam, June 8-10, 2020 and HashiConf US in San Diego, October 13-15, 2020.

If you have a technical talk showcasing how you used a HashiCorp product to solve a problem, what challenges you faced, and the workarounds you found to solve them, we would love to hear from you. We value technical deep-dives, stories of how you use our technology, and retrospectives from your failures!

Topics we’d love to hear about:

Topics may range from the internals of our software to high-level use cases. Talks do not have to be exclusively about HashiCorp products, they can cover the broader industry and non-technical topics as well. Topics we love to hear more about include:

  • Scaling distributed and microservice environments, including service discovery, networking and container schedulers
  • Solving security and secret bottlenecks
  • Managing infrastructure across hybrid and multi-cloud, as well as cloud migrations
  • Introducing Infrastructure-as-Code to on-prem environments
  • Dynamic application configuration at runtime
  • Emerging architectural patterns, like service mesh and serverless
  • Organizational impacts of DevOps and *Infrastructure-as-Code

Session formats:

Talks will be 30 or 50 minutes. 30-minute talks are ideal for implementation and customer stories, while 50-minute talks are great for technical deep-dives. Please keep your session to-the-point, only including relevant context. More concise talks often bring more value to the audience.

How can I submit?

The CFP for each event is found here:

If you have any questions now covered in the CFP, you may reach us at

Good luck!