There is a way to configure https with ingress gateway?

I want to setup ingress gateway with https using letsencrypt certs, to support access to services by domain name (e.g. How can I do that? Guide for tls setup (Enable TLS Encryption for Nomad | Nomad - HashiCorp Learn) say that
“Nomad requires all certificates be signed by the same Certificate Authority (CA). This should be a private CA and not a public one like Let’s Encrypt”

Hello @1doce8

We have recently announced Consul API Gateway (currently in Tech Preview) that allows for this feature:

This example repo shows how you could set this up as an Ingress Gateway and configure Let’s Encrypt certificates on the controller:

Is this information in line with what you’re looking for?

Hi @eddie-rowe, thank you so much for answer. As I understand it is possible using Kubernetes, so can I do something like that using Nomad? Or mb exist some other feature to use this using Nomad?
Thanks :heart:

Hello @1doce8,
I’m not sure if this is possible using Nomad as I am mostly focused on Consul features and operations. I would recommend posting your question in the Nomad forums here!

Hi @1doce8,
The v0.1 release of the Consul API Gateway (planned GA release is early February) will only run on a Kubernetes cluster. However, the API Gateway can provide access to any services that are connected to the Consul service mesh, even if those services are running outside of Kubernetes.

We plan to have releases of the API Gateway, later in 2022, that will support running it in a Nomad deployment (i.e. Kubernetes not required).