Thinking of a web console that generates terraform code

I’m thinking of building a tool that is platform agnostic to AWS, GCP, Azure and looks like their web consoles where you can spawn instances, DBs, etc… but can generate terraform code/templates.

The target market will be for folks who are not senior infrastructure engineers, but more busy full stack devs, startup CTO’s, etc… I think this will accelerate the terraform adoption. Yes, everyone has a cloud console, but after you do it on the web, you don’t have code as infrastructure. So the idea is if there is a web interface that can mimic the AWS/GCP/Azure consoles, but generate code than it could be useful.

Would like feedback from the community, started working on a small MVP to get some feedback - will post it here soon.

Reminds me of

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This is actually a feature of Terraform Cloud, with the module repository, being able to select modules and input parameters.