Transit VIF in single account?

Trying to set up a direct connect / transit gateway setup; the DX and the TGW are all in the same account, and when I get to creating the virtual interface, I get:

Error: error creating Direct Connect hosted transit virtual interface: DirectConnectClientException: Cannot allocate VirtualInterface for the connection owner.

Looks a lot like this issue, but I’m not trying to do anything cross-account (not yet, anyway). Am I doin’ something wrong?

Trying to set up the same resource in the AWS console for now, but would ideally like to have it in Terraform instead.

Still haven’t quite worked out the configuration I need, so if anyone has suggestions, happy to hear it. The AWS console for this is reasonably easy to navigate; I haven’t tried to compare it to the AWS CLI / API yet, which might help me to understand the Terraform resources a little better. Once I have gotten the configuration working in the console (we still haven’t gotten it set up quite right), I may try looking at that a little more closely.

Ah! I think I’m using aws_dx_hosted_transit_virtual_interface when I should be using aws_dx_transit_virtual_interface! If that’s all it is, I might submit a documentation PR.

Yup, that seems to have been the problem. I’ll look at a documentation PR (there was a sentence about the difference, but no pointer to the alternative), and I missed it, but in the meantime I can keep working on getting this VIF working without having to do it through the console.