Ubuntu keyring support/problem

I’m on Ubuntu 22.04 and trying to use Boundary. When I authenticate I get the error “Error opening “pass” keyring: Specified keyring backend not available”, I have also tried using the “-keyring-type keychain” which doesn’t work. Is there documentation on how to get this working on Ubuntu please? Ubuntu does have a keychain built in but it doesn’t appear to work, or do I need to install something else to get it to work?

Many thanks


Hi @r1ddl3 it is possible that the user running the CLI does not have the appropriate permissions to access Keychain. There is a workaround outlined in this support article.

By default in a Linux shell boundary authenticate will try to use the pass keyring backend, which isn’t installed by default. On Linux the only valid keyring type other than pass is secret-service which should try to use the desktop environment’s keyring if one is present.

That appears to work when I specify secret-service, thanks. If pass isn’t installed by default on Linux and that is the default for the client, can I suggest we put some logic in for the client that if it’s running from Linux it uses secret-service instead of pass please?

Originally we did that and found that for a lot of distro/version combinations that didn’t have dbus available or where it wasn’t accessible properly from the CLI that it would cause the entire shell to lock up running any boundary command, so we require explicitly activating it.

You can set BOUNDARY_KEYRING_TYPE env var to make it the default on your system.

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