Boundary on arm64 debian

Hi, when trying to run authenticate step, I get this error:

Error opening "pass" keyring: Specified keyring backend not available
The token printed above must be manually passed in via the BOUNDARY_TOKEN env var or -token flag. Storing the token can also be disabled via -keyring-type=none.

I followed the steps recommended, on github, installed keyring-daemon and dbus-x11 and the error is still there.

When I run keyring --list-backends to check the the keyrings available, I get:

keyring.backends.chainer.ChainerBackend (priority: -10) (priority: 0)

I installed Boundary dev on a headless server, and I am not able to access the UI neither. (don’t know if this might be the cause problem might be the root)

Thanks for your help.

Any idea?


Hi there,

In 0.1.1, if you want to run with the dbus secret-service keyring style you need to pass -keyring-type secret-service. Otherwise, install pass if you want to use the default. I’m not sure what keyring is, to be honest :slight_smile:

thanks for your quick answer.
The error remains, but if I do a boundary connect and pass on -token the Token shown just before the error, I can ssh… so I guess it must be something on my local config.

Is there any trick to consider to access the UI on a headless server? all the examples on the guides talks about localhost:9200 as the UI url, but I am unable to use :frowning:

You can change the listen address. If you’re running in dev mode, check the -api-listen-address, -cluster-listen-address, and -proxy-listen-address flags. If you’re not running in dev mode, this turns into the address value of the listener blocks in your configuration.