UI Login MFA (TOTP) with OIDC Auth


Is there UI support for Login MFA (TOTP) and the OIDC auth method?

When I setup the enforcement for OIDC and try to login, I get the message “Authentication failed: permission denied” and the following message in the bottom left corner: “Info
A login request was issued that is subject to MFA validation. Please make sure to validate the login by sending another request to mfa/validate endpoint.” and no prompt for the TOTP Code.

If I change the auth method to userpass, it works fine (it prompts for the TOTP Code).
Is it just that there is no UI support for Login MFA (TOTP) for OIDC auth or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help


I’m seeing the same issue Duo MFA + OIDC. I’ve submitted a bug report ODIC UI logins fail to trigger MFA · Issue #16385 · hashicorp/vault · GitHub