Unable to get shared_vpc working on GKE cluster

I’m trying to create a cluster which will use a shared_vpc but I’m not sure what needs to be done in order to get it working. I’ve configured the google_compute_shared_vpc_host_project and the google_compute_shared_vpc_service_project but I’m unsure what I need to do inside of google_container_cluster to be able to utilize the shared vpc network. According to the docs I need to “set this to the self link of the shared network.”. I’m not sure how I go about setting “network” to the self link of the shared network. There seems to be no self_link option on either google_compute_shared_vpc_host_project. or google_compute_shared_vpc_service_project.. I’m sure I’m missing something I just don’t know what. Any help is appreciated. Configs are below.


variable "shared_vpc_host_project" {
    type = string
    default = "my-shared-vpc-1"

# A host project provides network resources to associated service projects.
resource "google_compute_shared_vpc_host_project" "vpc_host" {
   project = var.shared_vpc_host_project

# A service project gains access to network resources provided by its associated host project.
resource "google_compute_shared_vpc_service_project" "vpc_service1" {
  host_project    = google_compute_shared_vpc_host_project.vpc_host.project
  service_project = var.project


resource "google_container_cluster" "vpc_native_cluster" {
    name                     = var.cluster_name
    location                 = var.region
    remove_default_node_pool = true
    initial_node_count       = 1

    network = google_compute_shared_vpc_service_project.vpc_service1
    subnetwork = "us-central1-dev-2-gke-79-0"
    ip_allocation_policy {
        cluster_secondary_range_name  = "dev-2-gke-pods"
        services_secondary_range_name = "dev-2-gke-services"

    private_cluster_config {
      enable_private_nodes    = true
      enable_private_endpoint = true
      master_ipv4_cidr_block = "x.x.x.x/28" #masked