Unable to resolve dependency: user requested 'vagrant-env (= 0.0.3)'


Ubuntu 20.04. Today after system update:

Vagrant failed to initialize at a very early stage:

The plugins failed to initialize correctly. This may be due to manual
modifications made within the Vagrant home directory. Vagrant can
attempt to automatically correct this issue by running:

vagrant plugin repair

If Vagrant was recently updated, this error may be due to incompatible
versions of dependencies. To fix this problem please remove and re-install
all plugins. Vagrant can attempt to do this automatically by running:

vagrant plugin expunge --reinstall

Or you may want to try updating the installed plugins to their latest

vagrant plugin update

Error message given during initialization: Unable to resolve dependency: user requested ‘vagrant-env (= 0.0.3)’

The same after full uninstall and fresh install

Hi there,

This is due to plugins failing to load which are currently configured to be loaded. The Vagrant plugin commands listed in the output you received are generally the easiest way to resolve the issue. If you have tried them and are still receiving the error, you can uninstall all plugins and then manually re-add them as required. To remove all the configured plugins, you can run:

vagrant plugin expunge