Unable to use to containers at the same time

I am very new to Docker and Vagrant… so sorry if this is a really dumb question.
I have the same project cloned in two different directories, using docker as the provider, that share the same docker image (Ubuntu 18.04).
However, I am unable to run both projects at the same time.
I do vagrant up in one directory and when I do it on the second directory, I get the following error:

A Docker command executed by Vagrant didn't complete successfully!
The command run along with the output from the command is shown

Command: ["docker", "start", "5eee1d0a48a4d9a35ae4701601d1726de217791d890130d382323770e7c6ac5a", {:notify=>[:stdout, :stderr]}]

Stderr: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint zulip_default_1610203950 (a2775c54e6c6d3bb7b28a9449e07a69585ec8878625a9c84fce4ab83a0a83900): Bind for failed: port is already allocated
Error: failed to start containers: 5eee1d0a48a4d9a35ae4701601d1726de217791d890130d382323770e7c6ac5a


However, I can do it if I halt vagrant in the first directory.
Is there any way to use them at the same time?