Update on the removal of bundled plugins

Hello Packer Community,

Earlier this month we announced the removal of bundled plugins from Packer in the upcoming v1.10.0 release, which is tentatively scheduled for late November 2023.

If you’re using Packer v1.9.2 or above, you may have already seen warnings about bundled plugin usage and a notice of removal in a future release. Our blog post breaks down what the removal does for Packer and its users, along with steps on how to proceed once Packer v1.10.0 is released.

If you’re currently relying on bundled plugins, consider updating your templates and workflows to use either packer init or packer plugins install to manage the installation of those plugins. This way, your builds continue working without interruption when you upgrade.

Head to our blog to read more about the update.

As always please feel free to reach out on the Packer GitHub Issue tracker if you have any questions or feedback.