Packer 1.11.0-alpha2 Released

Hello Packer community,

The Packer team is excited to announce the release of Packer 1.11.0-alpha2 for testing. This release comes up as a follow-up to the previous alpha, released two weeks ago, which addresses some concerns regarding versions, and a new capacity for the packer plugins remove command to accept local paths.

Again, please refer to our Blog post for more information on that subject. As always, the CHANGELOG is also a reference for what’s included in this release.

Notable Changes (compared to 1.11.0-alpha):

  • core: Packer now supports local paths to plugins for the packer plugins remove command. This addition makes it possible to pipe commands like packer plugins installed with it for speedy cleanup of installed plugins.

  • core: Version metadata support for plugins. Plugins may now formally have metadata in their versions, Packer supports it, and applies the semver recommendations on them, i.e. they are ignored for comparison/sorting purposes, but allowed for adding extra information about a plugin.

As always, thank you for your continued support and contributions.

The Packer Team.