Packer 1.11.0-beta Released

Hello Packer Community,

The Packer team is excited to announce the release of Packer 1.11.0-beta.

This release contains everything we previewed with Packer 1.11.0-alpha1 and Packer 1.11.0-alpha2, plus some additional checks during remote installation and a relaxed source format for plugin requirements.

We invite you to refer to the beta documentation for installing plugins, required_plugins blocks, and configuring Packer for details on how plugin loading works in Packer 1.11.0-beta.

Please refer to our Blog post for more information on predictable plugin loading. For a full list of changes, please refer to the CHANGELOG

Notable Changes (compared to 1.11.0-alpha2):

  • core: Relax Packer source address URIs within the required_plugins block to support version pinning using a custom or internal source address (e.g.
  • core: Error on remote installation using packer init or packer plugins install for non-GitHub source URIs. Users using alternative hosts must install plugins manually using packer plugins install --path.
  • core: Remote plugins containing an internal version number that differs from the version number within the binary name can lead to confusion when tracking Packer plugin version information. To help track such discrepancies in the plugin version, packer init and packer plugin install have been updated to reject installation of such plugins. Users are encouraged to notify plugin maintainers of any version mismatches.

This version changes how Packer interacts with plugins, and as such could mean disruptions when we do release Packer v1.11.0 later this month. We encourage you to test it out when you can and consider opening an issue on Github if you are experiencing problems with this beta.

As always, thank you for your continued support and contributions.

The Packer Team.