Update Terraform version

Hello everyone,
I am quite new in Terraform and have trouble to understand something:
I have to Update terraform version to 1.5 in the IAC for Datadog monitoring. I did this by editing versions.tf file:
terraform {
required_version = “>= 1.5”
and also installing 1.5 on my Ubuntu WSL.
When I hit terraform plan i receive the following warning:
Warning: Deprecated attribute

│ on modules/global/main.tf line 98, in resource “datadog_monitor” “name_of _the_monitor”:
│ 98: lifecycle { ignore_changes = [silenced] }

│ The attribute “silenced” is deprecated. Refer to the provider documentation for details.

│ (and 421 more similar warnings elsewhere)

My problem is that I cannot get what should be put instead of “silenced” attribute.
Could someone help?