Upgrading Vault Wipes LDAP Settings?

Currently running Vault 1.3.2. I tried to upgrade to v 1.5.3 to resolve some vulnerabilities with 1.3.2. After replacing the binary and starting vault, I noticed I was no longer able to sign into Vault GUI with my LDAP credentials.

My question is does vault somehow wipe out LDAP settings after an upgrade? We are using Consul for storage so the only thing that was changed was the binary version. Any thoughts here?

The error I received upon trying to log in with LDAP credentials was

“Authentication failed: ldap operation failed: unable to retrieve user bind DN”.

Look thru the release notes pages on vaultproject.io for each version you’re going thru. At some point, there was an issue w configs that had upndomain
It might have been fixed > 1.5, but I think the fix was removing upndomain…

Also, at this point, I’d rec going to 1.7.x/more-recent version.

I didn’t see any “known issues” under Vault version 1.5.3. Perhaps upgrading to a different version will lead to a different outcome. Thanks for the reply.

Did you look thru the release notes for each version from the version you’re at, to the version you’re going to?