Use variables in task and docker config

is this possible to use nomad variables outside of template ? I’ll try to set the auth part for a private registry of a docker plugin task :

driver = “docker”

  config {
    image = "private.registry/image"
    auth {
      username       = "{{ with nomadVar \"nomad/jobs\" }}{{ .registry_username }}{{ end }}"
      password       = "{{ with nomadVar \"nomad/jobs\" }}{{ .registry_password }}{{ end }}"
      server_address = "registry.url"


Hi @eskan,

Unfortunately this is not currently possible, although this type of feature has been requested within GitHub issue #3854. If this matches your requirement, could you please give the initial description a +1 and add any context that is not already present as an issue comment.

jrasell and the Nomad team

Thanks @jrasell for pointing me to this “old” issue. I seem to have read that the management of secrets was going to be added to Nomad. I hope this functionality will be added at the same time.