User and Target info to Boundary worker logs?

Is it be possible to get “user name/email” and "target info (name,port,etc) to boundary worker log entries?
Ie to log “who” connected and “where”.

Now it just logs the “session_id” on the session/connection log entries.

We have boundary 0.12.2 (with OIDC/Azure auth).

At the moment your best bet is probably to use the session ID as a lookup in the audit logs, which should have identifying user information.

Doing the lookups later can be done, but is bit of an hack and it also causes more log entries on controller, where we’d also need to lookup the user_id, etc which would cause even more logs that would need to be looked up … :slight_smile:

Related to session_ids … How long the terminated session_ids are kept in the DB before they’re cleaned up from there?

Sessions table is cleaned up after an hour or so, but all of the historical session information remains in the warehouse.