Boundary Audit log

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I’m using boundary with auth0 for SSO and vault for credential library for dynamic credential.

My question is how I can get audit log from boundary and find out which boundary user use which dynamic database crediential?

Thanks in Advance.

I believe between the controller and worker logs, all the info you need to connect these two is emitted – but you might want to set up some sort of log aggregation system like rsyslog or Splunk to make it easier to connect the info together.

It may also be worthwhile going over some of the threads in which mgaffney has posted info about the structure of the data warehouse Boundary creates in Postgres:

We have recently improved our audit logs and created a learn guide for audit event logs: HashiCorp Learn

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Hi @xingluw,

The learn guide link seems to no work anymore. Was the guide renamed or moved?

That is strange, here is the correct link: