Boundary event questions


When I connect to the target host through the Boundary worker after activating the Boundary event, is there a record of who (remote ip and oidc username) connected? Because the target host has a Boundary worker ip, it is difficult for me to check the remote ip.


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Hi @x980707x,

Boundary records most of the data you mentioned in the data warehouse. The only thing not recorded is the remote ip address of the end user. You can query the tables yourself or use a business intelligence tool if you have one available to get the data.

Here is a diagram of the data warehouse tables for reference:

Hi @mgaffney,

Thank you for your reply.
I have a few more questions.
Is it possible to do a lookup through the event log on a boundary rather than a table lookup? If it is not available, do you have any plans to add it to the event log?
And are there any plans to add end-user remote IP addresses?


Hi @x980707x,

Audit events are a WIP and we have not finalized the session data to be included. With that said, boundary doesn’t currently “track” the client remote IP for sessions. I’m not sure if that will get added to the workers/controllers/database. It’s one of many audit data requests that’s still TBD.


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We have recently improved our audit logs and created a learn guide for audit event logs: HashiCorp Learn