Using google_compute_image with container registry (gcr)

I’m trying to create a “google_compute_instance_template” using an image from my GCR registry (ideally always pulling an image with a specific tag).

It seems like I should be able to create a google_compute_image referencing gcr, then have my instance template reference that, but I can’t get it working.

I’ve tried:

data "google_compute_image" "latest-image" {
  name  = "[my-image-name]"
  project = var.project

Which gives me

Error: error retrieving image information: googleapi: Error 404: The resource ‘projects/[my-project]/global/images/[my-image-name]’ was not found, notFound


data "google_container_registry_image" "latest-registry-image" {
   name = "[my-registry-image]"
  project = var.project

resource "google_compute_image" "latest-image" {
  name = "my-image"
  raw_disk {
    source = data.google_container_registry_image.latest-registry-image.image_url

Which gives me:

Error: Error creating Image: googleapi: Error 400: Invalid value for field ‘resource.rawDisk.source’: ‘[my-project]/[my-registry-image]’. The provided source location was not a valid Google Cloud Storage object reference., invalid

What’s the correct way to do this?

You need to boot from the COS image (container-optimized OS) and setup instance metadata pointing to the GCR image you want.


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Exactly what I needed, thank you!