Vagrant 2.3.6: Unable to Vagrant up

MS Window 10 host, VMWare Desktop provider. I am unable to follow the basic steps in the QuickStart tutorial using the VMWare Desktop provider. I have downloaded and installed the VMWare Utility and the vagrant-vmware-desktop plugin, added the generic/fedora37 box, and entered the vagrant init generic/fedora37 --force command with no errors reported. When I use

vagrant up

I get the following response:

E:\Vagrant Boxes>vagrant up
Bringing machine 'default' up with 'vmware_desktop' provider...
==> default: Checking if box 'generic/fedora37' version '4.2.16' is up to date...
==> default: Verifying vmnet devices are healthy...
==> default: Preparing network adapters...
==> default: Starting the VMware VM...
An error occurred while executing `vmrun`, a utility for controlling
VMware machines. The command and output are below:

Command: ["-T", "ws", "start", "E:\\Vagrant Boxes\\.vagrant\\machines\\default\\vmware_desktop\\0a84059c-ec02-4882-bc8d-b4572094d4fe\\generic-fedora37-vmware.vmx", "nogui", {:notify=>[:stdout, :stderr], :timeout=>45}]

Stdout: Error: The operation was canceled


E:\Vagrant Boxes>

What basic step am I missing? I am at a loss to explain this error in what should be a straight forward, error-free process. I repeated the attempt using the tutorial’s hashicorp/bionic64 box and got the same result. Enough for this day… DVH

Hi there,

Has VMware Workstation been fully setup on the host machine? Has a license been enetered, or the trial period been initiated? If both of those things are true, providing the log file will help to determine the root cause of the issue. The log file can be located at:

E:\Vagrant Boxes\.vagrant\machines\default\vmware_desktop\0a84059c-ec02-4882-bc8d-b4572094d4fe\vmware.log


@chrisroberts :: Thanks for the pointer to the log file. I reviewed it and found this smoking gun:

2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx The following features are required for SVM support in VMware Workstation; however, these features are not available on this host:
2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx    Flush by ASID.
2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx Module 'MonitorMode' power on failed.
2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx VMX_PowerOn: ModuleTable_PowerOn = 0
2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx Vix: [mainDispatch.c:4213]: VMAutomation_ReportPowerOpFinished: statevar=1, newAppState=1873, success=1 additionalError=0
2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx VMXSTATS: Ready to cleanup and munmap 245EA5B0000.
2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx Msg_Post: Error
2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx [msg.hvuser.SVMUnsupported] This host supports AMD-V, but the AMD-V implementation is incompatible with VMware Workstation.
2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx [msg.monitor.mode.ulm.unsupported] VMware Workstation does not support the user level monitor on this host.
2023-05-21T07:13:06.539Z In(05) vmx [msg.moduletable.powerOnFailed] Module 'MonitorMode' power on failed.

It seems my AMD chip is too old to support this level of VMWare Desktop. Add another log to the fuel for upgrading my (more than a bit long in tooth) server to a more recent CPU.

Looks like I’m back to VirtualBox for now. I’ll try the Bento version of Fedora-37 and see how that goes. I do see that I’ll have to specify the version to load. It seems worth a try. Thanks. DVH