Vagrant Blogs for Macbook (ARM64) and Macbook (Intel)

I wrote this blog a brief introduction to running VM Guest from a variety of flavors for macOS (intel), showcasing macOS Sierra, Windows 10 enterprise, Arch Linux, Gentoo Linux, and FreeBSD.

I also wrote a blog for macOS (ARM64) that shows how to run ARM64 virtual guests with Vagrant using Apple’s HVF (hypervisor.framework) via QEMU. I also show how to run Intel x86_64 guests through q35 emulator with QEMU as well.

I hope these are useful and get others excited about such technologies.

Side Note:

Also, currently the vagrant-qemu community is discussing issue 40 that is related to qemu issue 1364. If anyone has experience working with Apple and entitlements, this could be useful for those issues.

As a workaround, running the QEMU tools with root privileges directly may be required or using something like socket_vmnet with qemu tools. If anyone knows how to do that and setup port-forwarding, I would be interested, I can document it in a how-to. I am a newbie to qemu, so I am not familiar how to run through the features that Vagrant automation does with equivalent qemu commands.