Vagrant Disks Experimental Feature Qustions

Hi, I wanted to ask here before posting an issue on Github.

I am attempting to use the new Vagrant Disks Feature to simulate having a block volume mounted to a cloud node. I’ve started my project with the centos/8 box. I’m open to using other boxes, but want CentOS 8 as an OS. There doesn’t seem to be a good way to determine the controller type the boxes use from the metadata on

Here are my observations:

  • It appears this box is setup to use an IDE controller for the 10GB disk that contains the OS.
  • It appears that the Disks feature can only attached new disks to a SATA controller named “SATA Controller”.
  • Using the custom command within a VirtualBox Provider block of code to add a SATA controller named “SATA Controller” to the box does not seem to work properly.
  • Running vagrant up, and allowing it to fail, then manually adding the “SATA Contoller” either by VirtualBox GUI or vboxmanage command, then running vagrant up --provision works fine.

Is anyone playing with this or am I looking in the wrong place for ideas/help?


Hey there - We just recently merged some work that fixes the disk feature to be able to be more flexible as to the controller name for disks. That should be out in the next release of Vagrant. But you are correct as it stands now with the latest version of Vagrant, it is limited to controllers named “SATA Controller”.

Hey thanks for the reply. I ended up just trying the Bento/Centos-8 box and while it has an ide controller, its disk is on a SATA controller, and this feature seemed to work fine with that box.

Since I’m working with this, is there any particular place I should report my feedback on this feature to?.. other than here?

I’d say GitHub is your best bet if you run into any issues or have any feature requests! This forum is looked at too, but typically this site is more for user questions on using Vagrant.