Vagrant init fails to create Vagrantfile

When I run “vagrant init” on a Windows system, it does not create a Vagrantfile. I have permissions to create files in the directory. It does not give me an error or warning message. Any ideas? What troubleshooting steps should I take?


Hey there,
could you share the debug logs for this issue. It might provide some clues as to what is going wrong. Thanks!

vagrant_init_debug_logs.txt (33.5 KB)

I am also facing the same issue. Please don’t hide my comments this time.

$ vagrant.exe --version
Vagrant 2.2.14

attaching the debug logs.

From the logs, it looks like you have a Vagrantfile at C:/Users/Jinendra/Vagrantfile that is invalid. You can either remove the Vagrantfile, or remove the erroneous line.


Thanks. That was the culprit. But I wasn’t having that in my project directory. Why it was creating problem while initializing vagrant in a different path?

Vagrant should only be picking up the Vagrant file present in your current working director. So, I would expect the error to happen when running Vagrant from the directory C:/Users/Jinendra. Otherwise it should have no effect on Vagrant.