Vagrant "Login/Share" License on Win & Mac downloads, but not Linux?

I notice on the Windows and Mac downloads, that a “Vagrant Login/Share” non-commercial license is called up in the installers for components of those packages.

It is not called up on the Linux package, however. Is this correct?

Can someone identify what components are covered by the Login/Share license?

Anyone? I’d have thought this wouldn’t be difficult to answer.

Hi @kevquinn!

I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to: on MacOS 10.14.6, I just downloaded and installed from and there was no license popup.

Can you provide some more details about which package you’re installing? For example, the URLs to the package you’re installing, the URL you’re downloading it from, and which OS versions you’re running? A screenshot of the license might also be a big help.

Hi, many thanks for responding.

The Windows installer (2.2.9 downloaded from the front page: puts up the text from here in its license box:
It has the MIT license, plus the Vagrant Login/Share License.

I’d assumed the Mac installer does the same, but only due to the existence of this:

Both of these files have a section headed “Vagrant Login/Share License” where the license grant is explicitly non-commercial, but it’s not clear to me precisely what it applies to.

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The Vagrant Share license applies only if you are using the functionality provided by the Vagrant Share plugin. Eventually we’d like to make this license more visible in the Vagrant documentation, but for now it’s also visible in the vagrant-installers repo as you pointed out.