Vagrant status amazing slow + vagrant up 'An error occurred while executing multiple actions in parallel.'

We recently migrated from VirtualBox to libvirt. Very few issues with VirtualBox. Now using Vagrant 2.3.4 with vagrant-libvirt (0.11.2, global) on Ubuntu 22.04.2 5.15.0-69-generic Boxes were recently custom built using Packer 1.7.4.

First off, vagrant status is taking an unusually long time:

# time vagrant status
Current machine states:

web02                     inaccessible (libvirt)
ssh02                     inaccessible (libvirt)
proxy02                   inaccessible (libvirt)
haha90                    inaccessible (libvirt)

This environment represents multiple VMs. The VMs are all listed
above with their current state. For more information about a specific
VM, run `vagrant status NAME`.

real    1m41.762s
user    0m2.009s
sys     0m0.139s

Then the creation of boxes with vagrant up results in some box creation hanging upwards of 5-10 minutes. If these boxes are created individually, the process typically takes less than a few minutes.

This is an abbreviated output of what we’re seeing:

==> web02: An error occurred. The error will be shown after all tasks complete.
An error occurred while executing multiple actions in parallel.
Any errors that occurred are shown below.

An unexpected error occurred when executing the action on the
'web02' machine. Please report this as a bug:

The specified wait_for timeout (2 seconds) was exceeded

/mopt/local/vagrant/vagrant.d/gems/2.7.6/gems/fog-core-2.3.0/lib/fog/core/wait_for.rb:9:in `block in wait_for'

I’d be happy to provide more detail. Please let me know what areas to look further.