Vagrant VM build always virtualbox

I use the following vagrant file to build my first VMWare image. VMWare Workspation 16 Pro (Trial) is installed. Everytime I start the script with “vagrant up” it starts to build this VM in virtualbox. Any idea whhat I do wrong here?

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "bento/ubuntu-20.04"
  config.vm.define "ADTT_devel_lin0vm6"
  config.vm.synced_folder ".", "/vagrant"
  config.vm.provision :shell, inline: "apt update && apt install -qy ansible"
  config.vm.provision "Set System Locale", privileged: true, type: "shell", inline: "timedatectl set-timezone Europe/Berlin && localectl set-x11-keymap de"
	config.vm.provider "vmware_desktop" do |v|
		v.vmx["memsize"] = "8192"
		v.vmx["numvcpus"] = "4"
		v.gui = true

Log is:

C:\devel\developervmspecs\vmware>vagrant up
Bringing machine 'ADTT_devel_lin0vm6' up with 'virtualbox' provider...
==> ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Importing base box 'bento/ubuntu-20.04'...
==> ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Matching MAC address for NAT networking...
==> ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Checking if box 'bento/ubuntu-20.04' version '202105.25.0' is up to date...
==> ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Setting the name of the VM: vmware_ADTT_devel_lin0vm6_1624015512177_55947
==> ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Fixed port collision for 22 => 2222. Now on port 2201.
==> ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Clearing any previously set network interfaces...
==> ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Preparing network interfaces based on configuration...
    ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Adapter 1: nat
==> ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Forwarding ports...
    ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: 22 (guest) => 2201 (host) (adapter 1)
==> ADTT_devel_lin0vm6: Booting VM...

Hey there,
have should be able to set the vmware provider using the cli vagrant up --provider vmware_desktop. You are also able to set a default provider with an environment variable VAGRANT_DEFAULT_PROVIDER=vmware_desktop.

Please note that the VMWare plugin does not ship with Vagrant. You need to install it after installing Vagrant.


I have done this. Downloaded from the website and installed it. Vagrant always use virtualbox as provider.

Hmm, I see. Can you share a debug output produced when running the command vagrant up --provider vmware_desktop --debug &> vagrant.log

vagrant.txt (28.9 KB)

Hello attached is the log file. I suggest to do not tell the people to create a log file if your board will only accept txt files. Just a hint.

I have spent now 3!!! days with this and Iam complete frustrated with vagrant and all the crazy documentation I can read. On one side I was forced to pruchase a license (whatever for) and if I follow this I get an message that the tool is now GPL. But not just one line how to process. I read every source I found and sorry, nothing is working with VM. Virtualbox is software garbage and now Iam at the point I have to think the same about Vagrant, but I do not want to think this way.
So please, please give me a valid documentation for windows. Without any f* rocket science.

Alrighty, so taking a look at this debug info it looks like no vmware plugin is being loaded. In particular the part where all the provider plugins are registering

INFO manager: Registered plugin: docker-provider
DEBUG global: Loading core plugin: C:/HashiCorp/Vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.16/gems/vagrant-2.2.16/plugins/providers/hyperv/plugin.rb
 INFO manager: Registered plugin: Hyper-V provider
DEBUG global: Loading core plugin: C:/HashiCorp/Vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.16/gems/vagrant-2.2.16/plugins/providers/virtualbox/plugin.rb
 INFO manager: Registered plugin: VirtualBox provider
DEBUG global: Loading core plugin: C:/HashiCorp/Vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.16/gems/vagrant-2.2.16/plugins/provisioners/ansible/plugin.rb

We can further confirm that the plugin is not being loaded by taking a look at where the error is being thrown. This ProviderNotFound error bubbles up when the requested provider is not registered as a Vagrant plugin.

The instructions on how to install the VMWare plugin are the same for all platforms and can be found Installation - VMware Provider | Vagrant by HashiCorp.

To ensure that the plugin is installed in your Vagrant environment please run a vagrant plugin list. If that VMWare plugin shows up there then you should be good to go.

As you mentioned previously:

I have done this. Downloaded from the website and installed it. Vagrant always use virtualbox as provider.

If you installed the plugin (vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-desktop) and it’s not showing up in that plugin list then this is a bug. In which case it will be helpful for you to share a debug log for the command vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-desktop.