Vagrant VMware Plugin Pricing Revision


Recently VMware have dropped the price for VMware Workstation / Fusion

New Pricing for Workstation Pro, Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro has undergone some changes as well. Firstly, the upgrade and new license pricing are now $99 for existing customers , or $199 for new customers . For individual customers, are also now licensing Workstation for use on up to 3 personal devices. And now, those devices can now also be a Mac by simply applying your Workstation Pro license key in Fusion Pro.

Workstation Player continues to be available as Free for Personal Use, and offers commercial licenses at $149 for new licenses and $79 for upgrades, while also now providing license portability with Fusion Player. These changes should make it easy for organizations to license many workstations without necessarily knowing if their users will choose Macs or PCs beforehand.

My Question is i’m asking vagrant team for revision of the price at lower price ($79 too expensive) for be accessible to DevOps Adopter & Enthusiast


Hey there,
Thanks for your interest in Vagrant and VMWare. Vagrant currently does not have plans to change the price of the VMware plugin. However, Vagrant currently offers a 10% educational discount for students.
Additionally, Vagrant has a number of open source providers including VirtualBox, HyperV and Docker. With it’s plugin system, users may also use community providers such as vagrant-libvirt. To get up and running with Vagrant quickly, using all open source software, I’d recommend using the VirtualBox provider.

Why is it so expensive?
At this price using a discount code, VMware Fusion Pro is cheaper than this plug-in.